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> > Partial alleviation of the problem: require the constables to release the video and audio of the encounter between the drone and the perp, perhaps realtime…
> >…My concern was automation making abuse of power automatable. Again, automated use of power that can be (publicly) monitored and held accountable is likely OK overall, but there is a real risk of either making it untraceable/secret, or scaling it up so that when the use becomes abuse there is no chance of responding democratically. These are situations we ought to work to reduce the probability of.
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> Dr Anders Sandberg
> Anders it is something I am thinking about with some urgency.  Our upcoming election is asking us to choose between two power abusers, oy.  I fear the whole notion of power abuse will filter down through the various levels of government.
> I can imagine a system where the onboard cameras receive a radio signal, so that viewers in the public can verify the video is being created in realtime with nothing deleted and nothing inserted.  We can have independent third party cameras verifying position and time of bangs, that sort of thing.  It could be that not many enforcement agencies have the money for this kind of equipment.

The thing is not that it's impossible to have such a system, but that the interests of the 'enforcement agencies' go against it and when you have all the gear in place for automation it seems like a relatively easy thing to abuse. On the former, enforcement agencies have routinely thwarted attempts to monitor them (and often get a free pass anyhow since judges and prosecutors are on the same team* and the public (as in serving in grand juries( is almost never concerned with abuse of power**). On the latter, it's a scary prospect that if you can automate policing there's no reason why that can't be more like "1984" than what we have now.


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* Separation of powers is a fantasy when everyone works for the same side.

** Despite any misgivings you or I might have, most people seem to have no problem with abuse of power. It's a minor issue, especially when they're afraid of foreigners, terrorists, and violent crime -- despite none of these being a big problem here.
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