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This makes a great deal of sense if one abandons the "try to keep tissue 
naturally revivable" approach and goes for "preserve information well, 
darn the viability" approach.

What drugs open the BBB? A cursory scan didn't show me anything. Using 
ultrasound to do it might be somewhat risky and likely is too focal.

On 2016-07-23 17:32, Rafal Smigrodzki wrote:
> I finally got to read my May-June copy of Cryonics, and I found an 
> interesting update on the case of Kim Suozzi. It appears that the 
> initial estimates of poor or negligible cryoprotectant perfusion were 
> incorrect and based on a reanalysis of CT images with calibrated data 
> the actual perfusion was quite good, if not perfect.
> The interesting part is that apparently good perfusion was achieved 
> with minimal brain dehydration, as judged by lack of shrinkage. The 
> update theorizes that this may have been due to an opening of the 
> blood-brain barrier, possibly caused by the combination of neoplasm 
> (brain tumor) and 1 hour of warm ischemia before perfusion.
> This observation opens a fascinating research opportunity - if it is 
> true that an opening of the blood-brain barrier allows vitrification 
> without dehydration-related shrinkage, then it may be useful to 
> intentionally open the BBB before perfusion. Lack of shrinkage in a 
> vitrified tissue may make it easier to perform scanning for uploading, 
> and perhaps might prevent some loss of information.
> There are drugs that open the BBB, which is not useful for most cases 
> of cryopreservation but they might allow easy testing of the idea in 
> animals. If benefits of BBB opening were to be confirmed in animals, 
> then other techniques could be developed for use in patients, for 
> example ultrasound-assisted BBB disruption.
> More research is needed.
> Rafał
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