[ExI] Humans are really bad at driving

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>…Even if self-driving cars kill people while improving their programs,
they will still kill a lot less than human drivers.



>>…It won't take that.  If they would put a breathalyzer in every normal car and locked the starter when the gauge showed above the legal limit, I have no doubt that tens of thousands would be saved.  I have no stats at hand, but believe that about half of fatal accidents involve a drunk driver.  But no!  We want to be free!  Free to kill….bill w



I heard something about that Muskmobile which slew its occupant which I haven’t time to research but someone here might already know.  The accident was caused by a prole treating supercruise as autopilot.  As I understand it, autopilot is made for keeping a safe distance from the car ahead and holding the lane on the freeway, but is not and was never designed to be used as an autopilot.  The software then is not intended to recognize a truck passing in front at an orthogonal axis.


Anyone here know the details?  Perhaps Musk can set the supercruise to not operate on any road other than a freeway?







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