[ExI] Extropy opposite of entropy?

Bill Hibbard test at ssec.wisc.edu
Sun Jul 24 19:46:09 UTC 2016

Last week during a panel at the Future of Mind

I discussed the work of Arto Annila:

Annila's thesis is that, in the context of the
energy flow from a hot star into cold space,
chemistry and life exist because they increase

One response to the panel was to pose extropy as
opposed to entropy. And the Wikipedia page:
from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extropianism

includes this:
   The term 'extropy', as an antonym to 'entropy'
   was used in a 1967 academic volume discussing

Do folks in the extropian community see extropy
as the opposite of entropy?

We sometimes think of entropy in the context of
cold space, where life and extropian activity
would be a struggle against entropy.

But Earth is close to a star, our sun, and our
context is the flow of energy from that hot star
out into cold space. Annila's point is that the
entropy of that energy flow depends on whether
the energy flows in a single jump from the very
hot star to very cold space, or if it flows
through a sequence of smaller jumps. And flow
through a sequence of smaller jumps has higher
entropy. Chemistry, biology, intelligence and any
extropian organization are ways of channeling the
energy flow through a sequence of smaller jumps,
and thus increasing the entropy of the flow. So
in our context, near a hot star, increasing
extropy also increases entropy. Extropian
activity on Earth is not a struggle against
entropy, but a struggle for entropy.

How does this view relate to extropianism?

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