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> I came across the following:
> http://globalprioritiesproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Global-Catastrophic-Risk-Annual-Report-2016-FINAL.pdf
> ### It lists global warming (renamed "climate change") right at the top,
> even ahead of nuclear war. Really? This is so ridiculous it beggars
> imagination.

​In the March 31 issue of Nature
​there ​
is a article about sea level rise caused by global warming
and the news is twice as bad as previously thought, we only have 84 years
to prepare for a rise between 25 and 45 inches. Well that might cause a few
headaches but its not exactly a
existential threat;
​the sea has risen 400 FEET since
the peak of the last ice age 20,000 years ago

​and ​during that time
the human race not only survived it thrived.

Homo sapiens
​ has also gone through sea rise, glaciers, pandemics, and 2
super volcanoes
​, b
ut a nuclear war
 kill civilization and maybe even our species.
​ It remains our greatest danger.​

​ John K Clark ​

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