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>.(I wonder if one could make something like catnip for humans? 


Isn't that marijuana?  Just askin', I'm no guru in these matters.  From what
I have seen, the hipsters hooting on reefers are of no more use than a cat
with her paws on the nip or the mare in the loco weed.


>.Well, demand from fat cat capitalists ought to be fairly stable. --
Anders Sandberg
Why are capitalists always fat cats?  We need to have a new category.  These
are they who read Adam Smith (and ooooh it turns them on (you can tell when
they have been digging around in the econ-porno (their cheeks glow))) these
who are hardcore defenders of truth, justice and the American Way (they
watched the old Superman movies (and we all know what Superman REALLY had in
mind with that American Way comment (not truth and justice, which he already
mentioned previously.)))
So I am thinking about a group of people who are not wealthy themselves but
abhor all forms of anything not unfettered capitalism: thin cat capitalists.
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