[ExI] thin cat capitalists, was: RE: Global catastrophic risk report

Anders Sandberg anders at aleph.se
Tue May 3 07:08:11 UTC 2016

I think Virginia Postrel nailed it with her division between dynamists 
and stasists. Either can be politically or culturally "right" or "left", 
but the difference is whether they believe in an open future. Stasists 
think that either we should avoid change because the past was better, or 
the future is dangerous so it must be regulated. Dynamists are 
optimistic and want to explore the different options.

Thin cat capitalists would be the dynamist free marketers (while many 
classical fat cats have vested interests that make them stasist indeed). 
And even many of the people who abhor markets are essentially thin cats 
- eager to disrupt the status quo, to freely explore new ways of doing 
things that might be better or are just curious.


On 2016-05-02 15:40, spike wrote:
> >…(I wonder if one could make something like catnip for humans?
> Isn’t that marijuana?  Just askin’, I’m no guru in these matters. From 
> what I have seen, the hipsters hooting on reefers are of no more use 
> than a cat with her paws on the nip or the mare in the loco weed.

I think they work very differently; catnip seems to affect the social 
signalling and happiness networks rather than the cannabinoids. There 
are of course many nice changes to neurochemistry conceivable (some that 
even make you perform usefully...)

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