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>.I think that when the history of this era is written, this list will be
mentioned as an important intellectual forum. And then people will all think
we were standing around the salon in togas, having erudite conversations.
Nobody will remember flamewars about gun rights or punfests. I suspect the
same is true for our historical writing - the Greek symposia did leave hints
in the form of messy drinking games (kottabos, anyone?).Anders



I do disagree with one comment Anders made above: future beings will loooove
the ExI punfests.  They demonstrate that the smart guys had a sense of humor
too, an aspect often neglected.  What did Newton, Maxwell, Euler, Einstein,
and the other supernovae do to have fun?  We don't know.

Remember who it was who periodically reminded us about posting goofy stuff
that would embarrass us later in life?  That was Eliezer Yudkowsky.  I never
treated the old posts seriously, always posting any silly idea that popped
into my head, always treated it like a big raucous ongoing party, never
worrying a minute about the archives and Eliezer's comment that rings in my
eyes to this day: the internet never forgets.


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