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Tue May 3 16:03:39 UTC 2016

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>...Just checking - wearing a toga on the list is not actually forbidden, is

>...When I went to Merriam-webster to check the definition, it asked me -
'What made you want to look up a toga?'
That's rather a personal question, so I didn't reply.   :)  BillK

Too late, BillK.  You asked, the internet never forgets.  Now they know your
toga ways.

I have to wonder about all those Google searches I made over the years.  The
internet was such a breakthrough for geeks.  We were never invited to those
kinds of parties, so we generally do not know the definitions of those
mysterious but intriguing terms.  So now we look them up on Google.  Google
has no way of knowing if I am just a curious nerd or if I am really doing
all this stuff.  So now I go over to the GooglePlex in Mountain View
occasionally for lectures and things.  I keep envisioning one day I will go
on the Google campus, someone will recognize me and IT'S SPIKE!  Grab him,

They trundle me off to some horrifying hipster party where they actually
doing all this stuff I had to look up.  Recurring nightmare.

Google knows all.  It never forgets.  I worry.

Togas are allowed on ExI-chat.  But don't ask, don't tell.


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