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>...I don't think mailing lists are very good at enforcing dress codes...

Geek parties have a strict dress code.  It's just that no one has ever
figured out what it is.

>... Or do we want a list where you have to scan your attire, and Spike gets
to let you in? 

You know it must have happened, we just don't know who or where: Exi-chat
people have posted nude.  Oh the humanity.

>...Might motivate interesting dress, or un-dress as the case might be :-)
-- Anders Sandberg

Ja, it could be one of those cross-undressing things.  Perhaps it was a
fantasy where some hipster is sneaking in, signs up pretending to be an
actual geek, in full costume, nobody notices.

I am old enough to have been a nerd before geek was chic.  We are talking
back before anyone heard of the holy trinity, Jobs, Wozniak and Gates.  It
was back before you really needed actual credentials.  But as the movement
progressed, it became more difficult and demanding.  Eventually the real
hardcore types became exclusive.  You could get up a really great geek
costume, go to a gathering even without all the requisite computer and math
knowledge, try to fake it and blend it.  

There were some closed societies which became impenetrable.  They would be
those guys (always all guys in those days) hanging around in the computer
lab while a major football game was in progress on campus.  You could get up
your costume, go in, immediately be spotted.  The real geeks would point and
shout "IMPOSTOR!"  

I had to learn actual computer skills just to convince them that I too had
gone over to the dork side of the force.



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