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On May 3, 2016, at 10:38 AM, William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com> wrote:
>  I am losing hope that some enlightened leader can convince everyone that we can all live in peace on this planet.
> spike

Why does there need to be a leader for this? Simply grow up and stop fighting.

> This is not going to happen.  For one thing, that person'a religion would be viewed by many as wrong, and certainly no atheist could get that job done.
> Give the state of the world, I think it is astounding that someone hasn't used a nuclear bomb before now.  That gives me hope. 

Ever consider that maybe the Hobbesian view of the world is actually inaccurate? Maybe that's why there haven't been more nuclear wars.

> I don't know if sanctions have worked in suppressing nuclear development, but hurting one's basic economy in a significant way strikes a mean blow.  I could see the day where preemptive bombing, not nuclear, could stop any one from developing plutonium, or what it is that is takes to make a bomb.

Actually, it might be the presence of nuclear weapons that stops anyone from using them. Makes it much harder for nuclear-armed states to coerce each other, no? Look at the South Asian example. 

> I also could see a UN force being much larger and much more active in suppressing wars, mass kidnapping and such.  Send a message that if you take these steps we will be there and we will defeat you asap.  For radicals, force is all they understand.

You conflate "radicals" with "militants." And all this would amount to is whoever controls the UN -- now the US and the Security Council -- gets to mold the world to their will. That might be peaceful, but it's the peace of a prison under lockdown.

> Lastly, just improving third world economies will keep radicals from having strong support, and that is part of what is wrong with the income differential we have now.  "Take down the fat cats" is a theme that plays well with a big proportion of the population.

A bigger thing that plays to them seems to be First World militaries running amok in the Third World and First World elites supporting out of touch Third World authoritarian regimes. But let's ignore that even though it's been going on for decades or centuries.


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