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> >>…Whether we like it or not, we are descending into World War 4…destroyed the prospects of so many, and I sadly admit I can only envision it becoming worse …
> >…I don't see what Spike sees at all. Religious militants are a tiny subset and have very little power and a tiny ability to do harm. The harm they do dies grab headlines but it's incredibly small. World War 4?! …Regards,  Dan
> Dan I am looking out about 50 years when these memes are the voting majorities in several European states.  For now, we are OK.  Sure the minority is small, and we might be able to win the memetic battle.  But if it destroys schools starting where schools are easiest to destroy, Africa, then continues to pour into Europe while breeding there as well, it isn’t clear to me who wins. 
> What happens when laws start passing which forbid alcohol in France?

How come Latinos, which have had decades of immigration into the US (let's not mention that a huge chunk of the US was once Mexico), haven't changed the legal system to the Civil Law one prevalent in Latin American countries? I find such fears unfounded.

All of this fear fits the pattern of previous immigration fears. In the US, for example, fear of Germans and Swedes (yes, and by Ben Franklin no less), the Irish, then Italians and Poles. The narrative was always this new group would move in, outbreed the good red blooded Americans, vote its way into control, and destroy the culture. (Heck, with alcohol in the US, it was fear of German and Irish drinking cultures, though American elites had a fear of anyone having fun dating back to Puritan times.) 

See also Bryan Caplan on the hardy weed that is Western civilization:



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