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>…How much is too much? One can simply give it away if one feels one has too much, but this too much is mostly a subjective judgment, no? Sure, some people wallow in consumption, but, again, how much is too much? How is that decided? What's the standard here? What happens if someone exceeds it? Do we take their money?  Dan




Hi Dan, for those who live outside the USA, I perhaps should remind them of how of how our legal system works in the USA.  If a group of people participate in a felony as a group, then any person in that group is slain in the commission of that felony, (including perishing by gunshot wound fired by the victim) then every member of that group is charged and most likely convicted of murder 1.


In light of that fact, the answer to question:  Do we take their money? I would suggest, eh… no.  Definitely, no, unless every member of that “we” is ready to do life in the big house.




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