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>…Now that Donald Trump has won the nomination it looks like it's going to be an interesting election for a number of reasons:… a 26.5% chance, but a 26.5%  chance that you will be shot would still be cause for concern. …John K Clark 



John that isn’t the worst of it.  Bernie Sanders: even when he wins, he loses.  So even if we think he is a decent guy and is qualified he still cannot win (don’t want to debate that (since it is irrelevant really (and my comments shouldn’t be interpreted as my saying he is either qualified or that I agree with anything he stands for (he’s way too commie-friendly for my taste (but he still cannot win, even if he wins))))).


So… Trump or Clinton.


Oy vey, sheesh, a third of a billion yanks, and this is the best we can do?  Indeed?


Now… Suppose Clinton gets indicted.  Should Americans go ahead and vote for her anyway?  Do we then acknowledge that we now think our own FBI is corrupt?  Or that criminal activity doesn’t matter once one ranks high enough in government?  Or that the crimes probably didn’t cause any serious harm?  Or that the risk is low that the leaks will be exploited?  Or that all those FBI agents somehow made a huge collective honest mistake?  (Hint:  no, to all the above.) 


And what of this Guccifer character, who offers a very plausible explanation for how he very easily hacked into Clinton’s email, but found the material there didn’t interest him, just yoga routines, wedding plans and a bunch of… like… state secrets and things, North Korean nuclear missile movements, Canadian charities, Saudi princes and so forth, Bond James Bond-y type stuff, nothing particularly interesting (such as Romanian officials having affairs) didn’t read much of it, downloaded everything, not sure where I stored it or the copies, but it was easy to do, etc.


OK, then what?  And is there some other way?  


OK now we get a whole pile of new legal questions, such as…  can a sitting president pardon herself for something she did before the election?  Where in the constitution does it actually say she cannot do that?  And if so, can a sitting president pardon herself for stuff she is doing currently?  (Don’t answer that one too quickly, in light of the current sitting president taking out American citizens abroad using drones.)  Is being elected while under indictment a de facto voter-level pardon?  Where does it say in the constitution what happens if the people elect either a known criminal or a suspect?


Computer security hipsters, is this Guccifer feller saying things that have the ring of truth?  And what of the counter-argument offered: there is no way he hacked Clinton because he would have leaked that.  He seemed a lot more interested in some Romanian bureaucrat than Clinton.  Clearly noooobody cares about some obscure Romanian official, she couldn’t really be important.  OK so Guccifer is Romanian, heh, coincidence, but never mind that, the USA is the center of the world and no one cares about Romanian officials, right?  Not even Romanians, move along citizens, nothing to see here. 


The stuff I have already seen causes me to think Guccifer really did hack Clinton, and really wasn’t particularly interested in her, but that if he did it, the commies did it too.  Where is Harvey Newsome these days?  He’s the grandfather of computer security hipsters, he would know, and has no particular political ax to grind as far as I know.  Anyone in contact with him?  Are ye there, me lad?  Help us Harvey wan Kenobi.


OK so what if Clinton gets indicted but the AG does nothing?  Are we ready to just go ahead and admit that our own government is corrupt to the core, but don’t worry, they will be fair and balanced with the nukes, etc.




Perhaps this is the libertarian’s one single shining moment, a moment we will likely never see again, when both major parties are bitterly divided, where Gary Johnson could step out of the inky shadows and just tell like it is: Americans must choose now between a crazy demagogue or a criminal demagogue.  Or… Gary Johnson, libertarian.


That’s a pretty easy choice for me.  



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