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>>…Another take: plenty of voters, perhaps even a majority, might say “This weird year, the libertarian guy really is better than either of the majors, but we already know we must choose between one of the majors, since we already know we must choose one of the majors…Is this really what we are saying?


>…We're saying a majority of voters will not vote for a third party.  …  If he wants to skip the "get nominated by a major party" part, fine, but there's way more to it than that (and, honestly, a lot of what goes into winning such a nomination goes into winning the Presidency anyway).  Of the rest, what has he been doing, and why isn't he doing the rest of it yet?  Answer that, and you have the likely real reason to why he's not going to win… Adrian


OK infomercial time, thanks Adrian.  The Libertarian party gets to put a candidate on the ballot in all fifty states.  The Libertarian candidate has not yet been chosen: as with the two majors, that happens at their convention 26-30 May.  Johnson is the likely candidate to be nominated by the LP.  If anyone else wanted to be US president, even if they owned a trillion dollars and were willing to spend it all, could not at this point get themselves on the ballot in all 50 states.  They couldn’t even get on enough states to achieve a mathematical possibility of winning a majority of the electoral college, if they started now.  But the LP will nominate someone the end of this month who will appear on the ballot in all 50 states.

OK then.  In this one oddball year, both major parties are bitterly divided, the disapproval ratings of both major party’s presumptive nominees is higher than 50%, the disapproval rating of the presumptive nominee in that nominee’s own party approaches 50% in both majors.  How odd is that?  Both major presumptive nominees are widely perceived as megalomaniacal hot-tempered warhawks.  One has two simultaneous FBI investigations ongoing and a possibility of making her acceptance speech while under indictment, requiring a presidential pardon on the way in, which would set a completely unknown and dangerous precedent.  The other is being sued for running a flim-flam university.  Has this ever happened?  I sure as hell have never seen a pair of odious characters comparable to these two.  Had we lined up all the candidates for the two major parties last summer and had we been asked to choose the least desirable candidate from each party, we would have picked these two.

Yet somehow… they managed to win.  Sheesh.

Gary Johnson is the likely Libertarian nominee.  No one has ever heard of him outside his immediate family and a scattered few in New Mexico where he was a successful governor.  So he comes in as a neutral, when both of the others who will appear on the ballot in all fifty states are negative.  So… Zero vs negative and negative, yet we still are influenced by the argument that zero cannot win, so we somehow waste our vote unless we choose one of the negatives, absolutely regardless of how negative the majors are.  

Our brutal masters, our overlords have already placed our boundaries.  They have already told us we must choose from one of the majors.  We meekly obey.  We shamble along silently in sad orderly columns, like the tame and broken gray masses in that 1984 Superbowl ad for Apple Macintosh.  Ja, you remember that one, sure you do.  How could you ever forget?  Or if you were not yet born, you are googling on it right now, as the running footsteps of the young lady with the hammer are being heard approaching.

Think about it.







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