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On Fri, May 6, 2016 at 8:59 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

> So… Zero vs negative and negative, yet we still are influenced by the
> argument that zero cannot win

Remember, there are many dimensions here.

So long as the number of people who've heard of him is almost zero?  Yeah,
he can't win, no matter how good a President he'd make.

The onus is on him to fix that.  Until he does, we the voters bear no blame
for not voting for someone we've literally never heard of.

Literally.  They might see him on the ballot but that's it.  And they know
well that if that's the limit of their exposure, then that's the limit of
exposure of most voters, so therefore yes he won't win and the choice boils
down to the two they have heard of.

That needs to no longer be the case by the November election.  He must
change that.

If you want to be effective at spending energy on this topic, figure out
how to get him to change that.  Figure out how to get him to take actions
that will have anywhere approaching a useful amount of impact, as opposed
to just showing up at his sparsely attended convention, giving a few
speeches almost nobody listens to, and doing not much else.  Figure out how
to get him on nationwide TV (talk shows, as well as ads aired during prime
time on major networks).  Figure out how to get the press talking about
him.  Figure out how to get the major polling institutions to include him
on their polls, so that he can appear in the commonly cited poll results.
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