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On 2016-05-06 23:27, spike wrote:

>>.And why did this happen to us?  And can we do anything?

>.... It is the authoritarians that I fear.


Oy vey, me too Anders.


>. The difference is that authoritarians are populists that claim (1) they
have the solution, the only solution, (2) outside epistemic standards are
irrelevant, and (3) the solution involves following their dictates. .


Check, check and check, for both.


>.My suggestion is that the key part is safeguarding the open society. .


Ja squared.  Cubed.


>.Help build solid legal and technical protections for journalists.


Both our major candidates have expressed disdain for the news media in very
explicit terms.  One arranged for a guy on probation to go to prison for
posting a video to YouTube.  The quote, now denied but confirmed
independently by four witnesses was "We will find the guy who made that
video and punish him."


>. make sure name-and-shame mechanisms and whistleblowing makes corruption
and misuse of power risky.


At some point name and shame is useless.  Both major candidates appear
beyond shame.  Immune from it.  Any attempt to shame these two can be
declared a vast other-wing conspiracy.  Corruption and misuse of power
risky:  the candidate has gotten away with way worse than this before.  At
some point, the rap sheet is so long and without consequence, a candidate
might as well be declared immune to law.  A US president immune to law, with
the finger on the nuclear trigger and in command of enormous armies and
navies, oy vey.  This cannot end well.  


>.spread a wider understanding of what the enlightenment achieved, and so
on. -- Anders Sandberg


Anders, your idealism is refreshing sir.







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