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> >…Sheesh, how the hell did we get to the point where the federal-level
> cops choose the head of the executive branch?  Americans, how did this
> happen to us?  Did we do this to us?...spike
> After pondering my own question, I fear we did this us.

### Well, they (voters) did it. I never vote so I am not guilty but after
all it is the voters who are responsible for the deplorable choices
presented in this and in all previous elections. If representative focus
groups reacted unanimously with disgust to the idea of voting for a
treasonous felon, the Democratic party would not have her on the ballot. If
there were fewer idiots willing to cheer for a far-left nutcase, Mr Sanders
would be pontificating on a street corner, not in the Senate.

In society making, as in purse-sewing, materials matter. Pigs don't make
fine silk purses. While you can use the finest silk to make an ugly purse,
or smush the best people into a corrupt system, if you want to built
something truly magnificent you need magnificent people.

In 50 years, assuming there is no AI singularity and assuming humans are
still the source of power in society (a debatable assumption, I know), we
will have the first generations of CRSPRed humans trying their hand at
politics. Imagine a society where the Anderses are not 1/10 000 but 20%.

In the meantime, don't vote. Treat this as a sad circus you won't spend
your ticket money on.

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