[ExI] calling for our exi computer security hipsters, was: RE: Donald Trump

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>>>…My suggestion is that the key part is safeguarding the open society. …


>>…Ja squared.  Cubed.


>…Aside from its effects if implemented (assuming the guy won), how much free press would such a candidate get from journalists looking out for their own interests?  Spike, do you think you could get John to start promoting this?


Hi Adrian, if you meant Gary Johnson, he is already a hardcore openness advocate.  

Our current government espoused transparency but turned out to be the least transparent of any in memory, with the apparent successor still less transparent, intentionally so.  Johnson advocates the notion that sunshine is the best disinfectant.  

I am assuming you have heard of the former insider Ben Rhodes explaining that it wasn’t just covert behavior, it was intentional deception in some cases, taking advantage of the news media hiring children to do political coverage, no political experience required, easily misled by a carefully crafted echo chamber:


I have already posted enough on this topic to be a risk to me.  Considering that business about pressing charges against a guy who made a silly YouTube video, it is now conceivable that some kinds of speech on the internet could become retroactively illegal.  The evidence would be there for all time, no escape.  

Now, both major candidates are First Amendment opponents in some way.  That comment about prosecuting the YouTube blasphemer was the most overt anti-first amendment comment I have ever heard come out of a politician.  If that comment does not worry you, I want some of whatever is in your hookah.

I need to let this rest.  Oh wait, I already did that, plenty of us did.  That’s how we got here to start with.


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