[ExI] Donald Trump

Bill Hibbard test at ssec.wisc.edu
Sat May 7 21:04:58 UTC 2016

A lot of interesting comments on this list about Trump.

He is one of many symptoms of a global phenomenon of
social disruption caused by technological change. In
particular, lots of people are not needed by the
market, or no longer needed at the price they used to
get (this also applies in planned economies, which
ultimately must respond to some sort of "market forces"
in order to remain viable internationally). Not being
needed really hurts and makes people crazy.

Trump is against free trade that replaced many people
with cheaper, foreign workers. Trump is against cuts
in Social Security and Medicare, whereas many elites
want to cut these support programs for retired and
hence unnecessary people. Trump is against immigration,
like many politicians all over the world, that devalues
many native-born citizens (at least, they see it that

Meanwhile, progress in artificial intellgence is
accelerating. Biotech too. So in terms of technological
change and social disruption, you ain't seen nothin'
yet. My bet is that the world will survive the Trump
vs Clinton election. But Trump is just a symptom and
the underlying cause is becoming more serious. I fear
that the politics will get much worse.

Echoing a sentiment expressed by Anders, the best
response I can think of is transparency so that more
people can better understand the true nature of what
is happening to them. I especally want as much
transparency as possible for artificial intelligence.


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