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> There is no law against a politician getting a blowjob, but there damn
> sure is a law against covering it up.

​But I'm a libertarian so I think there damn sure SHOULDN'T be such a law.

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> We have 30,000 emails intentionally erased.  Compare that to Nixon’s 18
> minutes of erased audiotape, and note that Nixon didn’t bother insulting
> our collective intelligence by suggesting those 18 minutes were just yoga
> routines, wedding plans or love notes to then-governor Bill Clinton.
​In the middle of the worst political scandal of the last century it wold
be expected that when the president meets with his chief political adviser
they would discus it, especially when we know for a fact they talked about
it just before and just after the 18 minute gap. But Mrs. Clinton was
involved in no scandal at the time and I can see nothing ridiculous about
somebody's personal E-mail server having E-mails about yoga or wedding
plans or love notes.

And if I did have access to a top secret E-mail server with the best
security the NSA can provide (and she did) then I'd use that to discuss all
my deep dark nefarious secrets not my personal E-mail server. All I can see
evidence of is she was sloppy with security, a sloppiness that never caused
the country any harm as far as anyone knows.

If of all people
Bernie Sanders
​, a person who would have ​every reason to blow it up out of all
proportion, thinks that calling the Clinton E-mail server business a
"scandal" is just silly then I see no reason to disagree with him.

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> So why do we have a different standard, a far different standard today?
> Because one involved the people's business and one did not. One involved
the president ordering the burglary of the offices and home of political
opponents and burglarizing their psychiatrists to try to get dirt on them;
and the other involved the president getting a blowjob.

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>  It causes that politician to be vulnerable to blackmail.

​That was the same lame excuse that was used for decades to keep gay people
from getting government jobs. I guess Bill's crime wasn't ​getting a
blowjob but for failing to keep it secret.

​ John K Clark​

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