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> Income inequality is a complete non-problem.  There is no reason in
> reality that the relative income of intelligent agents (people for now)
> should be confined to some arbitrary narrow range relative to one another.
> Wealth is created, it is not static.

You are confusing wealth and income.

Wealth, in the sense you're using it, does not precisely correlate to
money.  A given house is a given house, whether or not it's in an in-demand
neighborhood.  (Although it can be fixed up or enhanced to increase its

Income is, and it adjusts for inflation.  The problems with concentrations
of money aside, the average worker now earns a lower inflation-adjusted

But this can be put in terms of wealth.  While the richest have been
concentrating more wealth in their own hands, the poorest have been getting
less wealth - and the reason why is a direct consequence of the
concentration (not so much the mere generation) of wealth - and it is now
more of a struggle for them to afford basics such as food and housing.

In other words, while there has been wealth creation going on, the richest
have also been shifting wealth to themselves away from the poorest.  A lot
of this they claim is wealth creation, when it never was.  They have also
been finding ways of wealth creation where they get the wealth that someone
else creates - which was long the case, but the actual creators gained much
more of the wealth they created than they do now.
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