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On Sun, May 8, 2016 at 9:09 AM, William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com>

> I ask everyone on this list this question:  given that you are far smarter
> than the average person or even the average college graduate, did you ever
> think that you could do a better job of running your town, state, or
> country?  Of course you have.  Why?  Because you are great an engineering
> or economics or physics?  You see - being among the elite pumps your ego --
> it certainly has pumped mine, and I AM one of those who think this way, but
> I know that this is dangerous thinking and I am very ignorant of how to run
> anything outside of a classroom.
I know that I could learn how to run things better.  That is a meta-skill
that most people do not have, to a degree that many use the lack of it as a
social or comedic common.  (How many people say they want to "rest their
brain" or the like when merely encountering a complex problem, with no
serious attempt made to begin figuring out how to solve it?)

As I am right now, I would not trust myself to be President of the US.  But
the campaign trail is long, and success attracts those who know the pieces
of what it takes, who can be learned from.  This is a path I have walked
before while starting up companies - and, indeed, is a path I walk now as I
start another one.  From what I can see, the path to high political office
is similar in this regard.  In particular, any successful effort starts
well before it becomes visible to the public, and the first major step is
an analysis of what it is going to take to succeed.  (Successfully getting
started on a political trail - even just city/county/state, let alone
federal - would require resources and skills I do not currently have, thus
I do not waste what resources I do have by attempting to start.)
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