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>…  They do pay the majority of taxes and I am grateful for that, and they do drive the economy with their intelligence and creativity.  But they often act selfishly and think they deserve to be treated like kings and queens.  And because they are rich they think they are right about everything…bill w




Ja, there is that, and there is a case easily imagined where the rich cannot pay taxes, because they cannot let it be known how they made their money.


Imagine that are an American and you have come into ownership of this:




…and you came by it by illegal means.  We all know the current vehicle for coming to own huge piles of unaccountable cash.  You can’t put it in the bank, because cash deposits are carefully watched.  All this green paper just isn’t worth much to you.  It is really a liability: it would be a big job just to haul it down to the trunk of your car and take it out somewhere to burn it.  In the amounts you could launder it or spend it while staying under the radar, fifty lifetimes would be insufficient.


All is not lost.  Now you can take it to Canada, donate it to a charity with the understanding they would remove your identity and donate 99% of it forward to the family charity of an upcoming American president, with an understanding with the future American president that you would like a pre-emptive pardon for however you came up with those millions, along with an agreement to keep the IRS off your back.  You will see to it that the family charity/campaign fund is richly rewarded.


Everything is kept vewwy vewwy quiet.  


How easy was that?




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