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On Sun, May 8, 2016 at 9:36 AM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

> Imagine that are an American and you have come into ownership of this:
> http://infodoz.ru/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/b982e24da9368c554f17724757a.jpg
> …and you came by it by illegal means.  We all know the current vehicle for
> coming to own huge piles of unaccountable cash.  You can’t put it in the
> bank, because cash deposits are carefully watched.  All this green paper
> just isn’t worth much to you.  It is really a liability: it would be a big
> job just to haul it down to the trunk of your car and take it out somewhere
> to burn it.  In the amounts you could launder it or spend it while staying
> under the radar, fifty lifetimes would be insufficient.

 Tch.  Maybe for you.  While I should not disclose in public the exact
means by which I would do so (money laundering being an illegal act, after
all), I know of ways that would be rather simple - for me, having done
mostly the same thing (except entirely legal) before - and take several
months at most before 99+% of the money would be in bank accounts under my
control (the rest having been spent setting things up), from which I could
spend it on whatever I wanted.

(Although "whatever I wanted" is part of the key.  I'm not one for million
dollar yachts.  Many of the big spends I want would be in line with what
the accounts are supposed to be for.  If I wanted a Presidential bid, I'd
arrange for the money to wind up in a PAC that I do not officially
coordinate with - though there are many
can't-legally-prove-it's-coordination signals candidates can employ.)

I believe that the Clintons are quite aware of and able to employ these
means too.  Therefore, if that were their intent, it seems wasteful that
they would have used a far less efficient charitable foundation - which
suggests that was not their intent, since if it were, efficiency (winding
up with as much money as possible) would be part of the objective.
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