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> Voters seem to prefer a treasonous, incompetent, bitter, arrogant
> establishment felon

​Fact check: ​The word "felon" means something and it doesn't mean what Hillary
Clinton is.

> ​> ​
> to a brash, successful businessman.

​Calling Trump "brash" would be a vast understatement,  as for "​
​"... well,... Hillary Clinton has released her tax returns, you can read
them here:


But Donald Trump has refused to release his tax return
and I think I know why, it would show he is worth far less than the 10
billion he claims he's worth. And even if the 10 billion figure is true
mediocre would be a better word than successful.
​​ S
ince 1974, the year Dumb Donald inherited his money from
​much smarter ​Fred
 Trump, the S&P 500 has gone up 74 fold


​Donald had just put that money in a simple S&P index fund in 1974 and then
sat on his hands for 42 years today he'd be worth well over 10 billion.

​And speaking of successful:
Do you think encouraging
Saudi Arabia
​ to obtain nuclear weapons would be a successful foreign policy move?
Do you think defaulting on the national debt would be a
successful ​economic move?
​Do you think building a wall and making Mexico pay for it would be
a successful sane move? ​

​ John K Clark​


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