[ExI] climate change et alia

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Sun May 8 17:50:32 UTC 2016

What do Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, climate change have in common?
 (you could probably add to this list)

All of them share this:  nothing currently going on with them is dire and
needs fixing right away.  All are long term problems.

The people we elect seem focused on short term problems, because they are
the ones their voters can relate to.  Tell someone we are 20 trillion
dollars in debt and I think it is likely he will say "So what?"  Climate
change will bring significant problems in the year 2030.  "So what?  I'll
probably be dead by then."

Current money goes to fix current problems, regardless of what long term
thing it has be taken from.  My state keeps an emergency fund which is
raided every year despite their being no emergency.  We are acting as is
hurricane Katrina never happened.

I have no idea how to fix this.  You'd have to change human brains.

Or, start a war with China.  Always proven to stimulate the economy, and we
can then declare our debts to them null and void!

bill w
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