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>> ​Fact check: ​The word "felon" means something and it doesn't mean what Hillary
>> Clinton is.
> ### Who is Hillary Clinton? How about an old witch? A reptilian overlord?
> Old reptilian witch?
> And yes, she committed multiple felonies.

"Felon" means that she has been convicted of felonies.

Which felonies has she actually been convicted of, not just charged with?

For the purposes of applying the label "felon", it doesn't matter why she
hasn't been convicted yet, just that she hasn't.

> ​If
> ​Donald had just put that money in a simple S&P index fund in 1974 and
> then sat on his hands for 42 years today he'd be worth well over 10 billion.

### Well, the S&P grows in value thanks to being linked to the efforts of
successful businessmen. Yes, matching the S&P means you are a successful

So what does it say about Donald that he hasn't matched the S&P?

> ​And speaking of successful:
> Do you think encouraging
> Saudi Arabia
> ​ to obtain nuclear weapons would be a successful foreign policy move?
> Do you think defaulting on the national debt would be a
> successful ​economic move?
> ​Do you think building a wall and making Mexico pay for it would be
> a successful sane move?

 ### Do you think we should pay attention to silly leftist stories?

 Those are from his mouth, not the lefties'.
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