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>>> ​Fact check: ​The word "felon" means something and it doesn't mean what Hillary
>>> Clinton is.
>> ### Who is Hillary Clinton? How about an old witch? A reptilian overlord?
>> Old reptilian witch?
>> And yes, she committed multiple felonies.
> "Felon" means that she has been convicted of felonies.

A felon is just someone who has committed a felony
<http://www.dictionary.com/browse/felon?s=t> (serious crime). A convicted
felon is someone who has been convicted of committing a felony.

The word has been substantially diluted, given the huge number of things
now considered felonies in America.
See: Three Felonies a Day

When everything is illegal, and enforcement is selective, the result is a
de facto dictatorship where anyone can be targeted at the will of those who
have a say in the selective enforcement of laws.

See: Dinosaur 13 <http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3090252/> for a great example
of this.

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