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The argument you're making here is actually the typical anti-libertarian
one: free people can make bad choices -- choices we disapprove of -- and
this might cause harm to others -- someone might read Karl Marx and form a
revolutionary group to take over society -- so we must limit their freedom
-- control their reading of Marx, for instance.  dan

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>> I want to end and utterly oppose the government telling anyone what they
>> can and cannot put in their own body.
> ​We agree on that, the only caveat ​is that the person should have the
> ability to know what they're putting into their body.
> ​So for that reason I think laws against selling a bottle of vodka to a 6
> year old are reasonable, and when an adult reads a ingredients label that
> label should tell the truth. But if somebody wants to inject themselves
> with vitamins or heroin or cobra venom that's their decision to make not
> mine.
> By the way, in my opinion the single most pressing libertarian issue in
> the world today has nothing to do with money, it's euthanasia. I think
> forcing somebody to live who wants to die is as great a violation of human
> rights as forcing somebody to die who wants to live.
>  John K Clark ​
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