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Remember, this critique doesn't come from some no nothing political hack but from a 

Nobel Prize 

​winner in​




You say that as if you believe economics is a reputable science. :-)




Well that too Dave, and recall that the Nobel committee awarded one of these prizes to the current POTUS before he had actually done anything.  


Even more ironic is that they awarded the prize for his promotion of nuclear non-proliferation.  So what does the Nobel Prize committee do now with this tell-all that former White House staffer Ben Rhodes gave the NYT Thursday in which he says the staff deliberately created an echo chamber, used Jedi mind tricks on inexperienced child-reporters fresh off of campaign volunteer jobs, to get them to sell the Iran nuclear deal to the public? 




In that context, Netanyahu’s fiery speeches to the UN make a lot more sense now, ja?  What does the Nobel Prize committee do with the leaked comments that the Iran nuclear deal enables Iran to get nukes?  And how does that redraw the old map if they do?  Has not the USA taken actions which have placed Israel in grave peril?  Have not these same actions placed Tehran in even greater peril of a pre-emptive attack?  If not, do explain please.


Compounding the problem, the hardcores can’t even accuse us of reading too much FoxNews.  This article was featured in Thursday’s New York Freaking Times.  Are we to stop reading that too now?  The BBC covered the story, or referenced it.  Are the Brits now part of the vast right-wing conspiracy, and are the Brits now racist, sexist and all those other ists that allow and enable Federal level mismanagement?  



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