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>>… But to make somebody think that Clinton is not a felonious traitor?

>…Takes simple observation of the facts.  She never was either a felon or a traitor, even before Trump came along… Adrian



Indeed sir?  Did not Mrs. Clinton write a leaked email which explicitly ordered a subordinate to commit a felony?  To “…remove the security markings and send it unclassified…” is a felonious act, as is ordering or requesting a subordinate to do so, which is to commit a felony.  The subordinate wrote back that there was willing to do it if he could, but there was no physical means by which he could possibly accomplish the task.  This implies the document in question existed on a secure server in a secure facility (which has no printers not being monitored by honest people), a secure server authorized to have this info has no physical link to the unsecured server or Mrs. Clinton’s blackberry.  The disturbing part is his comment that he would have committed the felony if he could have, but could not.  What she was requesting was as difficult for him as holding his breath for 15 minutes.

Mrs. Clinton was not or has not been convicted of that, so by the new definition she is not (yet) a convict, but by that same definition, she is a felon for with that email, she has clearly committed a felony, so she is a person who has committed a felony, and oh OK, let us give a felon command of the mighty US military when we don’t know who has the rest of her yoga routines and wedding plans.

Perhaps the leaked email was a forgery?  We need to deal with that possibility as well, for we can easily envision foreign governments forging Clinton emails, outing ambassadors as US agents or spies, or whatever government insiders they don’t like.  We could see governments all over the world arranging for the execution of the other guy’s own top-ranking people by making them appear traitorous.  

Think on this: we could be seeing this phenomenon regardless of whether Mrs. Clinton is or is not elected, regardless of whether she is or is not indicted, regardless of whether the FBI does or does not recommend convening a grand jury.

The reason I took up John Clark’s wager is that I cannot read that request about removing security markings off a document, vaguely suspect that the message is genuine, and figure out how the hell our own government, or own FBI can fail to recommend the DoJ indict that behavior.  

Rules and laws exist for a reason.  They are not all automatically silly or counterproductive just because someone you care about has broken them.  The potential damage here is unfathomable.



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