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Subject: [ExI] my unified theory on what really happened at the state



>.We have been given contradictory information, implausible explanations,
excuses and such, but I have for those interested in these matters a unified
theory on what actually happened at the Department of State.Long broken
sigh.  Spike



After writing my unified theory on that State Department business, in such a
way that it might vaguely let Hilliary almost skate past an actual criminal
indictment (but not her staff) I came up with a really interesting reason
for optimism.


I have long been an openness advocate, definitely for government officials.
What I think we are seeing in our times is more and more people watching
everything.  When any crime or anomaly takes place, there are plenty of
people who notice it.  Perhaps many eyes are finding more now.


New technologies are enabling a lot of new angles on things.  Imagine a
woman is raped and she has no idea whodunit.  The cops cannot figure it out
and in most cases won't work on it all that hard.  Now she has a bunch of
options not available before.  She could recover some of the evidence, put
it in the freezer, order a spit kit from AncestryDNA or 23andMe or Family
Tree DNA, or all three if she wants to put out the money.  The kits arrive
in the mail.  She takes the DNA evidence out of the freezer, lets it thaw.
Takes the spit kit, adds a couple cc of water, a trace of the DNA sample (a
few hundredths of a gram is plenty) sends it off under a code name.  Wait.
Five weeks later, a long list of his cousins arrives, plenty of them with
family trees.  Some of them write.  Oh just think of the revenge scenarios
possible.  She could write to everyone on the list, explaining that this
cousin is a rapist, and is still at large.


That kinda stuff.


Perhaps sunshine really is the best disinfectant.






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