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>>…Lying is legal.  Lying under oath is not…  Truth should be spoken to power.  And power must be held strictly accountable.  That keeps power honest.  That’s the only force keeping power honest.  


### Spike, you are fighting the good fight.


Spike for POTUS!






Rafal don’t do it man!  Big mistake.  Were this nation to give me a big wad of power, I would immediately use it all to demand one thing:  a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget.  I would demand it to be written very clearly: the federal government may not borrow and spend future generations’ money, for that leads to runaway government growth and overspending (now whatever gave me that idea?)  It must spend only what it takes in.


States must balance their budgets by law.  Currently the Fed need not, does not and cannot.  This creates a situation where states shirk their duties and hands them over to Daddy Warbucks Fed with the magic printing press.  This will lead to utter catastrophe in the easily foreseeable, borrowing and spending us into a hopeless morass from which we may never recover.  


So if elected, I would abuse my power by seeking to make it legally impossible for me to abuse my power.



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