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> On May 11, 2016 10:53 AM, "Rafal Smigrodzki" <rafal.smigrodzki at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > On Tue, May 10, 2016 at 3:47 PM, Giovanni Santostasi <
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> >> The problem is not the wealth inequality is created by people like Elon
> Musk. He is the exception. In fact, it would be fine if wealth was gained
> in this way by creating real value in the world.
> >> Most wealth though is in the hands of people that have inherited
> without any personal merit and the wealth is not used to create further
> value but for speculation and rent seeking.
> >> Look up the research on this. These agents are really parasites on the
> system.
> >>
> > ### This is just envious leftist snark.
> No, Giovanni's got it right.  Most of the wealth concentration does not
> come from value creation.

### I am not surprised to hear you say that.

Hey, but maybe you can go beyond vague accusations and state rigorously
what percentage of wealth concentration comes from value destruction. Try
to do the numbers, state a measure of wealth concentration (Where? US?
World? When? Throughout history? Or only in capitalist societies?), tell us
how to attribute some of that to wealth creation and some of that to wealth
transfer without net social gains.

Anything short of that is just stone-age envy.

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