[ExI] A Nobel Prize ​winner on Trump

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> ​>​
>>  If an invisible friend tells Cruz to vote as he does, then I'd say we
>> need more of them.
> ​An
> invisible
> ​ man in the sky told Ted Cruz there should be a law against "
> *stimulating​​ ​​ one's genitals for non-medical purposes unrelated to
> procreation*
> *​*".  Do you really want more ​
> invisible
> ​ men like in the sky like that saying things like that to other
> politicians?
### Did you read the National Review debunking of your Mother Jones story?

You should have. Cruz did not vote to ban dildos, he wrote a legal opinion
on the constitutionality of such a ban. It was his job to provide a legal
opinion, not a personal opinion. Do you think he should have refused to do
it? Like the judges who refuse to obey the US Constitution? Are you in
favor of judicial activism?

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