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### Did you read the National Review debunking of your Mother Jones story?


>…You should have. Cruz did not vote to ban dildos, he wrote a legal opinion on the constitutionality of such a ban. It was his job to provide a legal opinion, not a personal opinion. Do you think he should have refused to do it? Like the judges who refuse to obey the US Constitution? Are you in favor of judicial activism?  Rafał



This is a good example of why we should not elect lawyers to be Chief Executive.  We should choose from executives for that job.  We need people who have run something, successfully.  A state, a company, a flag rank military ossifer runs something (but not one which makes money so that wouldn’t be my first choice) someone who has actually had to make a payroll.  Someone who has done startups, or who took a small struggling company and made it into a big rich company, that is the pool we should be fishing in.


Lawyers for the legislative branch, executives for the executive branch.  Judges for the judicial.  We need to stop putting lawyers in that branch.


We Americans are screwing ourselves bigtime.



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