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adrian - Old age isn't what t used to be.  Sanders could possibly run, and
win, at 83.

​Alzheimer's started affecting Reagan before his presidency ended.  Those
close to him knew it.  Does anyone remember that causing trouble in the
White House, or that he made decisions that were quietly junked?  I wasn't
much into politics in those days.

I am 74 and I don't think anyone my age or older could say that their mind
was completely unaffected​.
​My memory has deteriorated slightly, and when doing crosswords I find that
I can get too rigid in my interpretations of the clues.  In other words,
nothing dire, or even serious, but still, we need younger brains up there.
 (I'd put an age limit on the members of the Supreme Court if I could.)

bill w​

​bill w​

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>> >>…{By Alinsky’s theory}  It is better to win clean, but either is
>> infinitely better than to lose.
>> >…There is also the prospect of working with the winner.  There have been
>> presidential nominations where a party's second place winner got the VP
>> nomination for coming in second...
>> Ja, but all three remaining candidates are too old to be interested in a
>> VP position.  If elected, Clinton, Trump and Sanders, at the end of two
>> normal presidential terms of a predecessor, would be age 76, 77 and 83
>> respectively, all probably too old to run for president.
> Old age isn't what t used to be.  Sanders could possibly run, and win, at
> 83.
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