[ExI] AI Lawyer now employed

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Fri May 13 08:35:16 UTC 2016

Artificially Intelligent Lawyer “Ross” Has Been Hired By Its First
Official Law Firm



Ross, “the world’s first artificially intelligent attorney” built on
IBM’s cognitive computer Watson, was designed to read and understand
language, postulate hypotheses when asked questions, research, and
then generate responses (along with references and citations) to back
up its conclusions. Ross also learns from experience, gaining speed
and knowledge the more you interact with it.

“You ask your questions in plain English, as you would a colleague,
and ROSS then reads through the entire body of law and returns a cited
answer and topical readings from legislation, case law and secondary
sources to get you up-to-speed quickly,” the website says. “In
addition, ROSS monitors the law around the clock to notify you of new
court decisions that can affect your case.”

Looks like research lawyers will be looking for new employment now.
How soon till Watson replaces judges?

After Robocop arrives the job of totally controlling erratic humans
can be fully automated.
Paradise or Hell?


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