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>…Is there a reason to expect that ems would have a male and a female gender? …Rafał


Completely off Dr. Rafal’s topic but a fun aside anyway: American culture has extrapolated from the admirable notion that discrimination is bad.  It eventually goes to ANY and ALL discrimination is bad.  Kurt Godel has pointed out that every logical system has singularities and points where it breaks down.  Eventually we get a conniption like the one the USA is likely to experience as soon as next week.  The president has issued a letter regarding gender discrimination in public schools.  Let us ignore the Federal government overreach, since that is a separate issue.  Just for fun, let us make some speculations on how young Americans will react.


Here is the letter.  Note what it says and what it does not say:




Clearly the letter is aimed at restrooms and treatment of transgender people.  However… it doesn’t actually say this non-discrimination policy excludes high school locker rooms, showers, dressing rooms or any other gender-specific room, nor does it clearly define a transgender person.  When a person decides to undergo surgery for gender assignment, at what point does he or she become a transgender person?  When the scalpel makes the first incision?  Does shaving the area in preparation constitute cutting of tissue and thus qualify?  If the operation is called off, does the person stop being transgender?  If the first surgery is actually cosmetic and is on the face, does that count?  Or is the patient already transgender when he or she utters the comment to his or her doctor that he or she wishes to have surgery?  Or when he or she first decides to do it?  Or when he or she looks in the mirror realizes his or her gender disagrees with his or her birth certificate?  How can we verify a person has or has not made this determination?


Samantha!  Are ye out there, me lass?  Help us on this one.  Anyone else with firsthand knowledge please?


Sounds to me like anyone who says he or she is transgender qualifies for nondiscrimination, no medics required.


Well, if so, the current administration has a true and impressive accomplishment: it has eliminated the salary gender gap.  Now, we have no way of knowing if there is such a thing, because we no longer have any legitimate way to know a person’s gender, even at the pool at the  local nudist camp.  So poof!  That gender pay gap is gone.  Solved!


But now we are allowed to have a little fun, speculating on what will happen next week, particularly at High School USA and University USA.  Oh it is a perfect storm: it is middle of May, end of the school year, ambiguous suggestions being made by the source the high schoolers and collegians think of as the highest legal authority or relevance (reminder: state governments run public schools (but fail to teach their students (or the students fail to realize the Fed is not in charge here.)))  High schoolers are ballsy types, they have already been accepted into colleges by now if they are going, it is spring, so they are ready for some really cool fun demonstrations, stunts or statements on their way out the door, eager for their fifteen minutes of fame, they are eager to have some fun crazy stories to tell their grandchildren etc.  Soooo… what do you suppose will happen next week?


Speculation: a group of girls will make signs saying things like “I am transgender, hear me roar” and “I identify as a man, prove me wrong” and so forth.  They get enough of them together so it isn’t risky or dangerous, then the couple dozen of them barge into the boys locker room five minutes before the dismissal bell.


OK so what happens then?  They get expelled?  If there is an actual self-identifier-as-transgender but with M on “his” BC in the crowd of demonstrators, does “he” get expelled as well?  What did “he” do wrong exactly?  Wouldn’t it be fun to be “him” afterwards?  What if “he” didn’t carry a sign, didn’t say a word, just went in there with them?  Then if nothing happens to “him” he vocally comes forth with “I am Sparticus, I am a woman” flim flam.


Oh this could be hilarious.  The potential for really good gags, oh the mind boggles.  Oh to be a high school senior right now.  I would have been the yahoo organizing all this and spewing toxic notions like the hyperactive idea-hamster.  Oh what a golden opportunity.  If the current generation fails to take advantage of this, we will know the spirit has fled, youthful exuberance has perished, truly precious youth is wasted on all the wrong people.


Further speculation: there will not be a counterpart group of guys trying that stunt with the women’s locker room.  They already know there would be hell to pay, regardless of that absurd White House letter, so they will hang back and watch what happens when the cheerleaders crash the men’s locker room.


On the other hand, several guys could be in on the whole gag and could arrange to be extra naked when all those newly-minted “men” show up, then act like they don’t even notice that there are FREAKING DOZENS OF WOMEN IN THE LOCKER ROOM, perhaps take their time in reacting or dressing themselves.  Are they then in for any kind of punishment?  The principal shows up, women casually pretending they belong, men with everything hanging out still pretending they don’t notice, still strolling over with their towel over the bare shoulder, oh what delightful chaos, what exhilarating disorder! 


OK so then the Fed issues another memo clarifying that the non-discrimination policy is specifically for restrooms, not locker rooms.  However, my high school locker room has toilets.  School’s response is easy: install lockers in the restrooms and call them locker rooms.


We should make some play money wagers on what happens in the next three weeks before school’s out.


Others please?


Come on, it is spring, we can be fair and benign for everyone, we are among friends, it is OK to have some fun.










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