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> this is another case of the incident itself is irrelevant, but lying about
> it is critical.

OK let's talk about perjury.
​ ​
When Truthful Trump filed he taxes he swore under the penalty of perjury
that the information in it was true, but he won't let the people of the
, the
​very ​
people he wants to lead, see it.
​ He says they should trust him but he obviously doesn't trust them. ​
Meanwhile Crocked Hillary has made her tax information public going
​all the way ​
back to 1977
​. E
ven Tricky Dick Nixon let the American people see his tax return, b
t not Truthful Trump. Why? What is
 that Truthful Trump doesn't want the
​American ​
people to know?

​> ​
> Where does the constitution say a sitting president may not self-pardon?

A president could
​pardon himself​
 if he wanted, but it would be very bad PR, the American people wouldn't
like it and more important congress wouldn't like it either and congress
would be in a position to do something about it.

​> ​
> If we admit that this is theoretically possible and that Nixon could have
> just pardoned himself and held his office,

I don't admit that theoretical possibility at all
Yes a president can pardon himself and prevent his prosecution when he
leaves office and becomes a private citizen
​, and the congress can turn the president into a private citizen for doing
so. ​The senate acts like a jury and if that jury says there are grounds to
remove a president from office then he is removed from office. The only
difference between the senate jury any any other jury is there is no
constitutional way for the guilty party (the president) to appeal the

> > ​
> Without strict definition, the presidential pardon is a ticket to
> totalitarianism far worse than Germany’s bitter experience.
Totalitarianism far worse than Germany’s
​? Far worse?

  John K Clark
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