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>>…No.  There are no checks and balances on that process.  spike


>…Well, there needs to be.


How do we do that?


>…for John - in an emergency, such as when the pres is informed that missiles are on the way, I can see letting one man do that…


I don’t know how else.


>…For a planned attack we should change the way it's handled…


A planned nuclear attack?  If you meant a planned pre-emptive attack by the USA, it already is that way.  To do a planned attack legally would require a declaration of war, which requires congress.  But the way system actually works, a president could plan an attack by herself, then dismiss everyone, call for the football, enter the codes, off they go.


It is an absurd amount of power to vest in one person.  I don’t know how else to do it.  BillW if you do, we are all ears.


>…I can see now why y'all are so inflamed about Trump and nuclear attacks by us.  

Live and learn - thanks…bill w


Sure we can use that argument, sorta.  How do we know it only applies to one of the candidates?  We have seen a president order an attack (not nuclear, but an attack) under questionable circumstances.  This occurred on 20 August 1998 when the president ordered missile strikes on Sudan and Afghanistan.  The approximately seven hundred million dollars worth of armaments fired in the strikes managed to take out several terrorist trainees and a pharmaceutical plant, but I have never bought that whole pharmaceutical plan flim flam.  They always claim everything we hit was an orphanage or a pharmaceutical plant.  


The interesting part of it was the attack was ordered three days after President Clinton admitted that he had in fact misbehaved with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.  The attack managed to give FoxNews something else to talk about however.


Now a perhaps more relevant case: right after the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, we were told by then Secretary of State Hilliary Clinton that it was all caused by an internet video.  The SecState and even President then went on a tour to apologize for something we did not do, over which we had no control, and which had nothing to do with the attack in any case.  We now rather suspect that attack had something to do with yoga routines.  But the evidence has mysteriously gone missing on that.  Maybe.  For now.  Recall the Whitewater evidence was missing for a long time.  Until the trouble blew over.  Then it appeared.


A man went to prison over that video story, Sam the Swindler on parole at the time, who had been ordered as a condition of parole to not use the internet.  Clearly he had used the internet to recruit actors.  The alternative would be to place an ad in the newspaper, but by 2012, no currently-relevant actors knew what is a newspaper, and wouldn’t know where to actually get one even if they did know what it is or how to actually operate one.  So a man went to prison over a cover story, blamed for something he did not do.


So now we have two cases where government authority was used in a dubious manner, in a way that benefitted the person who ordered an attack or promoted a cover story.  In both cases the beneficiaries were named Clinton.  It is almost like the Clintons somehow mold public opinion by the way they wield the news media.  This is not to suggest that the current administration does things like that.  Or anything.  That Ben Rhodes with his echo-chamber gags, he is such a joker.


So now we are to assume that we must vote for Mrs. Clinton (who has already apparently abused power) for fear that her opponent will abuse power.  But never do we see any kind of evidence or indication that Mrs. Clinton will not fire nukes at whoever is leaking her yoga routines.


Both of these two are bad news.



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