[ExI] Repudiating the national debt

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​> ​>His tax return is about last years’ income.  That won’t tell us his net worth, doesn’t tell us what he is holding that doesn’t go on tax returns such as assets that are not being sold, or hard assets such as gold holdings. 


​>…If Trump had invested in Gold back in 1977 then today it would only be worth about twice as much…


Indeed?  What if he invested in gold in 1977, then sold it in 1979, then bought in 2004 and sold in 2007?  And now has bought a pile again.  If he is currently holding gold, we still wouldn’t know his net worth.  It goes on a tax return if you sell an asset at a huge profit, but what if you buy something that doesn’t generate dividends?  You don’t want anyone knowing, especially government, you hold that stuff.


>…NOT ACCOUNTING FOR​ INFLATION; and if Truthful Trump had let the American people that he wants to lead see all his tax information going back as far as 1977, AS CROOKED  HILLARY DID, then we'd know just how brilliant a businessman Donald Trump really is…


Ah, so now Hillary has released the financial dealings of the Clinton Family “Charitable” foundation?  Has explained where all that money came from, who donated it and what they now expect in return?  Oh wait, that doesn’t go on a tax return, being all about “charity” and such, giving away money to starving children and yoga and that sorta thing.  


Or not.  We know what that flim flammy family charity thing was about: it allowed the Clintons to control information, hide it from the IRS, hide it from the State Department, and most importantly, hide it from the voters.  We don’t know who the Clintons owe for all those charitable contributions.







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