[ExI] Sanders, Clinton and Trump

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​>>… John, that Clinton Foundation audit doesn’t tell us who donated the money to that Canadian charity which donated to the Clintons.  


​>…Yes they did, they told us the money came from Canadian ​Frank Giustra and Mexican Carlos Slim…


John, I know they told us where the money came from.  My contention is that we still don’t know where the money came from.  That Canadian charity donated huge amounts to the Clinton Foundation, which means they have shady connections, which means they donated money into a “charity” which has no legitimate reason to call itself a charity that I can see.


>…And that Canadian charity has spent 30 million dollars on aids research by the way… John K Clark


Indeed, good for them.  Now, all the money that this Canadian charity “donated” to the Clinton Foundation could have been used to do AIDS research and perhaps actual charity, instead of supporting this mysterious untraceable yoga.  Is Carlos Slim and Frank Giustra aware and are they OK with this?  Why?  Are you?  Why?









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