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>> ​>​
>> …, they told us the money came from Canadian ​Frank Giustra and Mexican
>> Carlos Slim…
> ​> ​
> John, I know they told us where the money came from.  My contention is
> that we still don’t know where the money came from.
> ​I don't get it.​

> ​> ​
> That Canadian charity donated huge amounts to the Clinton Foundation,
> which means they have shady connections,
> ​I don't get it.​

​Why does that mean they have shady connections?​

> ​which means they donated money into a “charity” which has no legitimate
reason to call itself a charity that I can see.

I don't get it, ​Clinton has ​
​put the tax return and ​an outside audit of the entire charity on the
internet for all the world to see. What more can she do?

>> ​>​
>> …And that Canadian charity has spent 30 million dollars on aids research
>> by the way…
> ​>​
>  Indeed, good for them.  Now, all the money that this Canadian charity
> “donated” to the Clinton Foundation could have been used to do AIDS
> research and perhaps actual charity, instead of supporting this mysterious
> untraceable yoga.  Is Carlos Slim and Frank Giustra aware and are they OK
> with this?  Why?  Are you?  Why?
> I don't get what "this" means so I can not answer, in fact there is a lot
I don't get. It seems
that the
majority of Etropians
favor Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton and I don't get it.I'm not kidding
I really don't get it.
At one time the
majority of Extropians were libertarians
is that no longer the case? Clinton is not nearly as libertarian as I'd
like but she's far more libertarian than

Libertarians are in favor of freedom of speech but Trump wants the law
changed so that if a journalist says he only has 250 million dollars or a
stand up comedian says he's a orangutan they will be punished. Clinton
likes freedom of speech and does not want the law changed.

Libertarians are in favor of free trade and so is Clinton, but Trump want
to slap huge tariffs on imports and start trade wars with just
about everybody.

Libertarians are in favor of encryption but Donald Trump wants people to
boycott Apple because
to put a backdoor into all their products so the NSA can get in whenever
they want. Hillary Clinton wants no such boycott.

Libertarians are in favor of reproductive rights but Donald Trump thinks
women should be punished for having abortions. Hillary Clinton thinks its
the women who should
​make the decision on
a abortion not government

Libertarians are in favor of economic responsibility but Donald Trump
thinks it might be a good idea to break the promise to repay the national
debt. Hillary Clinton thinks the idea is absolutely insane and so do I.

Libertarians are in favor of human rights but Donald Trump thinks
waterboarding is not nearly brutal enough and vows to inflict torture that
is "a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding" and will happily do so even
if no useful information is obtained from it because "they deserve it". Hillary
Clinton is appalled at such inhumanity, and so is the head of the CIA, and
so am I.

Donald Trump says as president he would order the US military to kill the
children of suspected terrorists. Hillary Clinton says she would never give
such an order and all the top generals say the they would flat out refuse
to obey such a
order from their commander in chief, and I would too.

At one time Extropians were interested in science, is that no longer the

Donald Trump is helping to spread the unscientific and lethal meme that
vaccinations cause autism. Hillary Clinton is not spreading that deadly

At one time Extropians were interested in the future, is that no longer the

With Donald Trump encouraging Saudi Arabia and a bunch of other countries
to make Nuclear Weapons, and with reckless talk of using Nuclear Bombs in
Europe and annihilating ISIS "very very quickly" we may not have a future.
These are existential threats
​ but all Extropians want to talk about is a trivial security violation on ​
Hillary Clinton
​'s E-mail server.

I mean it, I honestly don't get it.​

 John K Clark
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