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>>…If it were likely that part US Navy's fleet might be impounded in
foreign ports,
>> I'm still trying to figure out why this would be a bad outcome.
Regards, Dan
> Ja, this already happened, on 12 Jan 2016: Iran seized two US Navy
vessels and
> crews.

That was in the context of those vessels traveling in Iranian waters
uninvited, no?

> Nothing bad came of it, depending on how you interpret Ben Rhodes’
> admission last week that the US government tried to keep it a secret, but
> damn yakkity news agencies couldn’t keep it under wraps even for a couple
> Instead the newsers chose to stab the administration by blabbing that
info just
> before the president’s State of the Union address, which is why no one
> saw or heard that speech in real time.

I never watch SOTU in real time.

> We were tuned to the station covering that story on the hostages (FoxNews
> (Surprise!  (not.))) wondering if we were about to go to war with Iran.
> Do ponder that, in light of the current administration’s preventing Ben
Rhodes from
> spewing other damaging truths to the American voters, who they apparently
> can’t handle the truth.

The context of Anders comment was that of after national debt repudiation.
I was joking in response -- mainly because I see the US Navy as an arm of
imperialism, especially when it's in foreign ports. In other words, having
its ships impounded means they can do less mayhem.

Now, that said, the case Anders cites is quite different. The Argentinian
ship seized... Well, it was an Argentinian naval ship, and basically a
training sailing vessel -- not, say, a battle cruiser. That's a big
difference in my mind.

Anyhow, I didn't see anything in the Iran thing. I mean it looked to me
just like what would have happened had Iranian vessels had engine trouble
and drifted into US waters. (And let's be clear, the vessels here was
CB90-class fast assault craft -- not a battle cruiser. And nothing bad came
of it. Cooler heads prevailed, but, yes, the news media and too many people
like to see things escalate.)

What do you think would be likely to happen if the US national debt were
repudiated? What are likely good and bad outcomes? Do you think John's sort
of meltdown scenario is likely?


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