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Have we any reporters not in the echo-chamber, and if not, do they count as reporters?  Or are they to be assigned as enemies of the state?  If so, does it constitute treason to give them stories?

That sort of thing is part of Trump's (and Sanders') appeal...A mass education program, giving most of the public accurate facts as to what actually happened (and more importantly, didn't happen) on this and several other high-profile cases over the past few years, would likely result in interesting changes to how the public votes.  Unfortunately, too many of those in Congress fear (probably correctly, in most cases) that such changes would include no longer voting for them.  Adrian


Adrian, well done sir: an evenhanded steady informative post on a difficult topic.

Regarding that echo chamber business, neither Trump nor Sanders will be able to fix that, nor do I think either of them will try.  Trump is a grandstanding opportunist, so he will see the potential and use it.  Likewise Clinton.  Oh this is bad news, such bad news is this.




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