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On Tue, May 17, 2016  spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

​> ​both Clintons are shady characters.  Both lie.  Any charity which
> donates to them is suspect.

​The ​
Bill Gates
​ Foundation donated to the Clinton charity and ​Warren Buffett thought so
much of Gates Foundation that he gave it almost all his money. Are Gates
and Buffett shady suspect characters too?

> ​>  ​
> Gary Johnson
> ​[...] ​
>   He’s a good guy.

​I'm sure he is, but he has no chance of obtaining the nuclear launch codes
anytime in the next 4 years. You can rage against the unfairness of the
world all you want but the fact remains that either Donald Trump or
​Hillary Clinton will get the keys to a Trident Nuclear Submarine and your
4 year survival prospects will change depending on
​which one gets them​

 I can only speak for myself but when I evaluate 2 presidential candidates
the first question I ask myself is't which one is more honest or even which
one is more libertarian, it's is one of them significantly more likely to
kill me
than the other
​ ​
one of them is then that pretty much settles the matter as far as I'm
l vote for the other.

> ​A​
>  filmmaker is a journalist in a sense.  Mrs. Clinton had one jailed
He was a filmmaker and he was jailed but it sure doesn't sou
d like a free speech issue to me.
​ ​
In 2010
Nakoula Nakoula
 pleaded guilty of bank fraud and using social security numbers stolen from
the internet to open fake accounts and withdraw money from ATMs . After 21
in prison he was release on probation. Two of the terms of his probation
were that he not use the internet and not use a phony name. Very soon after
that he posted his
movie on the internet using the phony name "Sam Bacile". His probation was
revoked and he went back to prison for using a fake name and lying to his
probation officer
​ about it.​ And there is no evidence
Mrs. Clinton had anything to do with any of it.

​Contrast that with the Trump incident. Comedian Bill Marr called Donald
Trump a orange orangutan. Donald Trump sued Bill Marr for libel. Donald
Trump​ presented evidence in court proving that he was not a orange
orangutan, nevertheless Trump lost the case. Trump wants the law changed so
next time somebody calls him a orange orangutan he'll win. I guess I should
get all my Donald Trump insults out of my system now, if I do it a year
from now Trump's thugs could drag me away.

​> ​
> in order to lend support to a cover story that was so silly it was
> laughable.

The idea that a fourth rate movie with a zero budget that virtually nobody
had even seen could turn a group of
Muslims into into a mob of homicidal maniacs
would have been laughable if a newspaper cartoon hadn't turned
a group of
Muslims into into a mob of
homicidal maniacs
just a few years before.

​> ​
This and the rest of your examples are exactly why presidents don’t make

​But presidents enforce laws, and propose laws, and veto laws. ​

​> ​
> John you have somehow convinced yourself that Mrs. Clinton is honest

​At this point I no longer care if she's honest. Maybe Clinton is the
reincarnation ​
​of Al Capone, I don't care, I'd still vote for her over Trump. If you dig
up Richard Nixon I'd vote for him over Trump; Nixon was a crook no doubt
about it, but he wasn't insane. And many of Nixon's ideas were stupid but
they were stupid within normal parameters, but Trump is ​paranormally
stupid. You'd have to go as far back as 1968
and George Wallace
​ to find a more anti-exreopian ​presidential candidate, and even Wallace
wasn't crazy enough to renounce the debt.

>…I mean it, I honestly don't get it.​
> ​> ​
> I mean it too John, I get it.  I honestly do get it.  Plenty of us do.
> ​Then please please explain it to me because I'm really confused about
what the hell is going on around here. Are Extropians no longer interested
in free markets and free trade?
Are Extropians no longer interested in
​ encryption? ​
Are Extropians no longer interested in
​ reproductive rights? ​
Are Extropians no longer interested in
​ science.
Is any sane person happy about the prospect of a nuclear armed ​
Saudi Arabia

And Spike, I just ​don't believe you would torture somebody for information
if you knew they didn't have any information, but Trump would. I don't get

 John K Clark
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