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On Wed, May 18, 2016 at 5:26 PM, John Clark <johnkclark at gmail.com <mailto:johnkclark at gmail.com> > wrote:
>>… Contrast that with the Trump incident. Comedian Bill Marr called
> Donald Trump a orange orangutan. Donald Trump sued Bill Marr
> for libel. Donald Trump presented evidence in court proving that
> he was not a orange orangutan, nevertheless Trump lost the case.

>…Do you mean to say that the court found that Donald Trump is indeed an orange orangutan?  Regards, Dan




Close examination of the “evidence” left questions in the minds of the jury and judge.  Simply producing actual DNA would have decided the case, but this Mr. Trump failed to do, and refuses still.  Eventually the case devolved into discussions of definition of the terms “orange” and “orangutan” with both party’s lawyers marveling at how remarkably similar those two words were given that they were not from the same Latin root.  The plaintiff’s case was dismissed for lack of evidence, demonstrating the inherent difficulty in proving a negative.  We still don’t know if he is or is not orange, but the other seems compelling enough to the casual observer.


Examination of the constitution reveals that there is no requirement that the president must be homo sapiens, however I still find it most tragic that the mighty nuclear-armed nation of the USA has now chosen down to two candidates and we still do not know for sure the biological species of either of them.









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