[ExI] Sanders, Clinton and Trump

Rafal Smigrodzki rafal.smigrodzki at gmail.com
Thu May 19 19:47:13 UTC 2016

On Thu, May 19, 2016 at 9:29 AM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
> Examination of the constitution reveals that there is no requirement that
> the president must be homo sapiens, however I still find it most tragic
> that the mighty nuclear-armed nation of the USA has now chosen down to two
> candidates and we still do not know for sure the biological species of
> either of them.
### Well, we do know Clinton is reptilian - if you look closely at her
pictures you can see the typical pattern of dry scales and before she molts
you can see the slightly hazy appearance of the eyes. On the other hand her
barking sounds definitely mammalian, even chihuahua-like.

Maybe she is a reptile that swallowed a chihuahua and keeps it alive inside
its body to be able to produce the mammalian sounds it/she needs on the
campaign trail?

For engaging in such musings, am I going to go to be "disappeared" once
this organism is elected to office?

If the tone of my posts changes after the Inauguration, shiver, because you
might be next on the menu.

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